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Private & Confidential Sessions


Thank you for your interest in my private & confidential sessions to deepen embodiment & accelerate the evolutionary process so that the next chapter of your journey may unfold with as much ease, grace, joy and pleasure as possible

The Foundational Process

Depending upon the amount of personal work one has done the entire foundational process, that has evolved from my own personal journey and that of supporting others, may take anywhere between 15 - 50 hrs and can be spread over as little or as long a period as one chooses. 


This involves addressing your masculine (father) and feminine (mother) templates , and bringing them into coherence and sacred union within. 


We address these through timeline work that also bring into coherence; any trauma experienced in utero or at birth, the inner child, any ancestral disharmony, sexual trauma or general trauma from lives both past or present, that may be preventing the decent of soul consciousness into body, alignment into self-sourcing sovereignty and re-connection with GAIA, her grid system and one's multi-dimensionality.


Likewise if you have already completed this and simply require support for a specific issue then I also offer one-off sessions as and when required.


First sessions take approx 2 - 3 hours; 30 mins to 1 hour to share your personal history so that I can track where any unhealed aspects may be including cords, attachments, entities, family history, ancestral influence, repetitive injury or illness and/or parts of your soul consciousness that may be trapped in other timelines or dimensions and ready to be reclaimed and integrated.

This gives us a map of what we may encounter before we begin the energetic part of your session. 


You may also have questions you wish to ask so that your mind is at ease and able to surrender to the process.

It is also important not to plan anything afterwards except some alone time in nature and a warm epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) bath, a simple supper and an early night followed by a couple of easy days as these sessions can be quite intense and go very deep.


When selecting a time and place It is important that you have a private space where you will not be disturbed or disturb others, so that we may engage with your physical and emotional bodies without interruption.  Ideally a mattress on the floor so that your body has the freedom and support to unwind and unpack stories as naturally and organically as possible.

Sessions may include yet are not limited to;

Embodiment & Evolution

Harmonising Feminine & Masculine Templates

Clearing of this, or past life trauma

Releasing chords & attachments

Rites of Passage

Clearing sorcery, black magic, curses, contracts or vows

Clearing fixed or fluid consciousness, energies or entities

Clearing implants, androids and/or external interference

Soul & destiny retrieval

DNA Activation

Light Body Upgrades

Sexual Healing 

Evolving Relationship

Coaching & Mentoring


Skype Sessions
All shamanic energy clearing, soul embodiment and coaching sessions are available via Skype.

Energy Exchange

EUR 140 - EUR 270 per hour


What to say ✨🙏✨

The most extraordinary deep and meaningful and consciously integrated journey I’ve traveled!

Thankyou for your love and truth that held me every time, encouraging trust, courage, self love and knowledge.

For your profound commitment, compassionate strength and sight


New Zealand

I remember the feeling when I discovered you, in awe, and I could see and sense in your presence a stillness in grace and power from afar at the horse festival. It is clear to me, you are eons beyond mainstream consciousness, dare I be so crude, resorting to labels such as 'mainstream'. I know, or we know, how pure all forms of consciousness are (corrupt or not), as we all are direct extensions of pure source energy. Perhaps it's better said, the frequency in which you vibrate, is rare to come by. A fine tuned balance of ancient and galactic, land and planets, feminine and power, transmuting and ascension, star light and language of love, and more that I have not yet felt, however your newsletter 'A Year in Review' affirms a depth only I can dream of walking a mile in, your moccasins. How on earth (a little pun) do you acquire such profound experiences across the globe, alongside the trials and tribulations of being trillions of cells shape shifting with emotions. Mastery of consciousness supersedes.


New Zealand


In the last 20 years, I have met very few people whom I felt I could learn from (apart from through books etc). People clear enough and aware enough of their own ego and personal crap that I felt I could trust. Even though I don't really know you, you are one of these people :) I really hope we'll get to see each other again.


New Zealand


Lea is a true earth mystic that showed up in my life right at the perfect time to help me shift into my next level. Her ability to see and hold space is profound and her loving and shamanic presence are a powerful mix that moves energy and inspires your soul evolution.

I feel blessed and have huge gratitude to have met such an amazing woman.

John Dumas,

Kauai, Hawaii


In order to let my senses and body stretch out into my thousand other forms, one must first make space for such a journey from within. My session with Leanne did just this! Her help in clearing away that which no longer served my highest good, allowed me to transform into a new and lasting way of being. I am so appreciative, with an extra portion of gratitude for this shared time with Leanne. I highly recommend her gentle hand and beautiful open heart to touch your life as well.



Initially I felt to simply "take a session" with Leanne to address some problems I had, yet I ended up spending three full days in private retreat with her experiencing a number of deep shamanic processes.  From first sight I felt trust and blessed by meeting her female and earthy being.
Although I am used to receiving bodywork I was still quite amazed, with Leanne's support, how strong and wisely my body revealed all the relevant hindering issues that had remainded stored on a cellular level. Many different layers of early and former life trauma were taken away enabling my own soul light to shine again. After the sessions Leanne supported for my integration, offering techniques for daily practice which I appreciated very much. To sum it up I would put my personal experience in these words: I have arrived, I am home - connected to Mother Earth.