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Sacred Journeys & Sacred Sites


Sacred Journeys and Sacred Sites, both natural and man-made, provide unique Eco-systems where we have greater opportunity to understand ourselves, our world and the interconnectedness between our mind, body, soul and our earth environment.


Our body is nature and nature, through sound, light and sacred geometry, is perfection.  Therefore when we release any past trauma we may still carry and remove ourselves from the interference of the mainstream matrix, society's programs, and limiting belief systems we naturally will return to our pristine origins and the perfection of nature.

After many years of leading overland expeditions and living and working in developing countries it is my joy and pleasure to walk the earth with sisters and brothers who are ready to re-member themselves, who they are, what they came here for and how life on earth may be experienced.

Transcendent experiences are difficult and almost impossible to describe, because they are experienced from the great mystery of the universal heart, and not from the linear, organized, ego based mind. From this point on, it becomes our hearts calling to bring these experiences back into our material world. And if we are lucky enough to be able to anchor this indescribable extraordinary space, even ever if so briefly upon on our world, we know an echo of this divinity will reverberate on our Earth forever.  ~ Aluna Joy


Sacred Journeys may be tailored to suit your requirements.


Popular Destinations;

New Zealand - Middle Earth & Maori Culture

Australia - Humpback Whales in Hervey Bay

Tonga - Pyramids & Whales

Kauai, Hawaii - Lemuria & Hawaiian Lore

Rapa Nui - Moea & Volcanic Lakes

Sedona, AZ - Red Rocks, Vortexs & Light Cities

Mt Shasta, CA - Telos, Lemurian City of Light

Mexico - Pyramids & Ancient Civilisations

Peru - Inca Trails, Machu Picchu & Sacred Valley of the Inca

Egypt - Pyramids, Temples, Nile River & Isis

South Africa - White Lions of Timbivati

South of France - In the footsteps of Mary Magdalene

Glastonbury, UK - Standing Stones, Springs, Avalon & Alchemy


04 - 24 June 2018

Embodiment of the LOGOS

A Journey through the Heart of South America to Align with Source ♥


Following in the footsteps of our former selves we enter the corridors of no time within the energy fields of our Earth’s Ancient Living Libraries, the Megalithic Monuments that have been care-taking the consciousness pertaining to the truth of our Personal, Planetary and Galactic History.

Many of us carry keys and codes within our soul’s sound-song-signature that resonate with different places of power on our planet and, at certain moments in this lifetime, we are being called to show up in our physical presence to discover the magic of our multi-dimensionality and explore the mystery and memories that lie within.

The Pyramids, Ancient Temple Sites, Stone Circles and Water Systems of our Earth are Living Libraries of Light. When these libraries interface with the libraries contained within our own light-bodies we begin to unlock the memories of the past, both personal and collective, together with the infinite possibilities and potential of our combined future, the very future that we are here to co-create as we manifest heaven on earth in the here and now.

Scotland - Sacred Journey

25 June - 01 July

Sacred Scotland - Soul Family Journey

Roslin Chapel, Edinburgh & Callanish, Isle of Lewis